A parade to celebrate diversity!

Nowadays, there is more and more diversity around us. 
But somewhere a voice an be heard.
If you were a Japanese, a foreigner, a woman, a man, a sexual minority, a child or a person with disability.

"You should behave like that"
"You must do so "

Who decides all these?
We are all different, we are all beautiful.
"Difference" does not keep people away.
"Diversity" is wealth and expands possibilities.
No one else should decide who you are but you. 
It is wonderful if you can be whom you want to be


Let's gather our thoughts together and let's join the Diversity Parade 2018 together!


Date:  April 1, 2018 (Sunday)

Meeting place: Nakanoshima Park Lawn Square (Shibafu Hiroba)

                          Osaka city


Assembly starts at 13:00

Parade starts at 14:00

※A sign language interpreter will be present at the assembly from 13:00.

※A tent for changing clothes will be provided at the meeting place. Please feel free to wear you  ethnic clothes or any costume you want. 

Your change of clothes will be transported on the provided clothes rack to the end of the parade.

※If the parade is cancelled,  it will be announced at 10am on that day thru our official website,  Facebook and Twitter.